Automated code review

Speed up your review process by automating common tasks before your human reviews


Consistency is key

Apply the same rules to all reviews, no biases or exemptions. Everyone is equal with automated reviews.

Secure by default

GitRevue never clones your repository or keeps a copy of your code on disk.

Actionable feedback

Fix issues quickly with clear actionable feedback and get back to focusing on what matters

GitRevue commenting on a pull request

Monitor your artifacts

GitRevue can monitor your artifacts and their growth across pull requests. Allowing you to easily see how your application is growing and prevent bloat before it affects your users

Drive positive reviews

Comment avalanches are often daunting and come off as nitpicking. GitRevue allows your developers to identify issues early, avoiding an ensuing avalanche

Comment avalanche

Seamlessly integrates with your existing pipeline

Bitbucket and GitLab coming soon


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