Artifact Monitoring with CircleCI

  1. Generate an API token for GitRevue at
  2. Set this at the GITREVUE_TOKEN environment variable under Repository Settings > Environment Variables
  3. Next you can report artifacts to GitRevue using npx @gitrevue/cli artifacts <glob>. glob should be the path to your artifact(s). (e.g: public/css/*.css to monitor all css files in the public/css directory)

That's it. GitRevue will now keep track of your artifacts and comment on your pull requests so you can easily identify when and where bloat gets added.

Below is a sample CircleCI configuration

  - run:
      name: Node dependencies
      command: npm install

  - run:
      name: Build artifacts
      command: webpack -p

  - run:
      name: Report artifacts to GitRevue
      command: npx @gitrevue/cli artifacts "public/**/*.css"